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Living Well: Make it a Priority

Get Active

Healthy living means different things for different individuals at various stages of life. To stay well, you need to incorporate regular physical activity into your day, eat a variety of fresh foods, and change unhealthy lifestyle patterns. No matter what your age, your job, or what city in Texas you call home, the University of Texas System's “Living Well; Make it a Priority” program believes there is an approach to healthy living that is right for you.

Living Well: Stretch at Your Desk Video

Standing or sitting for long periods of time can take a toll on your muscles. To prevent or reduce stiffness and pain, try simple office stretches throughout the day. Stretching can help you:

  • Relax,
  • Reduce injury,
  • Increase alertness,
  • Reduce stress and tension,
  • Increase flexibility, and
  • Reduce anxiety.

To help you learn how to incorporate stretching into your daily schedule, we have created a short video that provides tips to help you stay fit and improve your flexibility. Complete these exercises at your desk and start feeling better today! Let us know what you think!

UT System Physical Activity Challenge

Each spring, team up with your institution for the UT System Physical Activity Challenge. You’ll receive a weekly goal and can work with colleagues towards earning your institution the coveted Traveling Trophy. Your goal is to complete at least 10,000 steps per day (or the equivalent in other physical activity), 5 days per week for six weeks (50,000 steps each week). Getting 10,000 steps is not as hard as you think! All kinds of activities can be logged, from time at the gym to chores around the house. Click here to see the results of the last challenge.