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Living Well: Make it a Priority

The Living Well Health Platform powered by Provant!

New Plan Year, New You!

Wellness is so important that we have a comprehensive platform to help you take an active role in the quality of your life, offering you a reward for taking charge. The Office of Employee Benefits Living Well: Make it a Priority program has teamed up with Provant Health Solutions, an independent health and wellness company.

All members (including spouses and dependents, aged 18 and over) can receive a $25 Amazon.com Gift Card simply for completing the Health Assessment and receiving an annual Preventive Exam during this plan year. Both steps must be completed between September 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015, so don't put it off any longer. Getting started is easy!

    1. Review the Welcome Brochure. Available in English and Spanish. If you have questions, please refer to our FAQs.
    2. Visit the Living Well Platform
      Go to https://livingwell.provantonline.com.
    3. Click on "Register New Account". You will need your Benefits ID (BID) to complete your registration. To retrieve your BID, visit http://bit.ly/utbid.
    4. Submit your Registration
    5. Log In and Complete your 2015 Authorization for the Disclosure of Protected Health Information*
    6. Complete your Health Assessment. Available under the "Health" heading.
    7. Receive an annual Preventive Exam during this plan year.**
    8. Enjoy your $25 Amazon.com Gift Card. Once you complete your Health Assessment and receive an annual preventive exam,*** you will qualify and your card will be on its way to you soon!

Health Assessment

The path to wellness begins with truly understanding your own health and knowing what you can do to improve it. Keep track of your health status and progress by completing the Living Well Health Platform Assessment (HA) every plan year.

A Few More Good Reasons to Complete the Health Assessment:

  • You’ll get a simple report outlining your health risks.
  • You’ll get a practical plan for taking action.
  • You’ll be able to see how your results compare with last plan year’s results.
  • You’ll have access to a wealth of tools on the platform to help you learn more about, manage and improve your health, including:
    1. Online wellness workshops
    2. Talk to a Trainer/Talk to a Dietician
    3. Meal Planner and Cardio, Steps and Food Logs

Preventive Exam

If you know your numbers, you can have a better understanding of your health. Routine preventive exams can identify potential health problems in the early stages when they may be easier and less costly to treat.
The following preventive exams qualify for Living Well incentive credit:

  • Annual physical exam
  • Gynecological/well-woman exam
  • Breast cancer screening/mammogram
  • Prostate screening/PSA
  • Colon screening/colonoscopy
  • Bone density screening

Note: Immunizations do not qualify for Living Well Preventive Exam credit.

*UT members must complete the Authorization of the Disclosure of Protected Health Information in order to be eligible for the incentive.

**No extra forms are required to notify Provant about your preventive exam -- Provant automatically receives confirmation when registered UT SELECT participants have completed a preventive exam. Due to claim filing and processing requirements, it may take eight to ten weeks for your preventive exam to be logged and appear on the Living Well Health Platform. Claims dated any time from September 1, 2014, through August 31, 2015, will be accepted as completion of a preventive exam for the current plan year. Once Provant has confirmation of  your authorization survey, health assessment and preventive exam, you will receive an email from Provant letting you know that you have completed the requirements, and from that point you will receive your electronic gift card via email from Amazon within two to three business days.

***To check on the status of your Plan Year 2013-2014 Gift Card Incentive, please contact the Provant Customer Service Center at 1-888-703-2296 from 6am to 5pm CST, Monday through Friday or via email at  livingwell@provanthealth.com. After hours, members can leave a voice mail and calls will be returned within 24-48 hrs (business days).

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