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Living Well: Make it a Priority
Earn your $25 gift card reward!
It’s not too late! Complete the online health assessment and a preventive
exam with your healthcare provider by August 31, 2014. The health
assessment is online at https://livingwell.provantonline.com; call your
healthcare provider to schedule your preventive exam today.
All UT SELECT plan members, including employees,
retirees, spouses, and adult dependents, are eligible
for the Living Well program, Health Platform,
and gift card rewards. Complete your Health AssessmentComplete your Health Assessment

Basic Health & Prevention Practices


Get active! 30 min. a day

fruit Eat better: fruit and veggies!
scale Maintain a healthy weight
no smoking Avoid smoking
water Drink water: Moderate caffeine & alcohol
sleep Relax and sleep well
doctor Health screening every year
talk Talk with your health care provider!

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Get Active

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Manage my Weight

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Manage my Worklife

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24/7 Nurseline

Experienced registered nurses are ready to help with your health questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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A Matter of Health

View the latest issues of our Office of Employee Benefits Newsletter, A Matter of Health: Connecting Work & Life.
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Assess & Manage
My Health

Complete your
Health Assessment

and earn a $25 gift card

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Top Questions
to ask your Doctor

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Condition Management Recourse

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UT System Wellness
Success Stories

Share your health & wellness success story. Be a resource and inspiration to help others improve their health!
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Health & Wellness Programs available at Your Institution

Learn more about programs and services available at your institutions. Find your local Institution’s program website.