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Living Well: Make it a Priority

Success Stories

Every month we will highlight testimonials from UT SELECT participants throughout the state who have improved their lives by adopting healthier habits. Read through these success stories to be inspired by the changes they've made in their lives. Do you have a story to share? Tell us about it!

October 2014

Whitney Herndon

Institution: UT Health Northeast at Tyler
Email Address: whitney.herndon@uthct.edu

Her advice: "I would say don't give up and that the first step to making the change is to take the first step. Also, don’t overdo it. Only do what you know your body can handle, then gradually work your way up."


Debbie Blankenship

Institution: UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Email Address: debbblank@aol.com

Her advice: "Never give up. Go slowly and gradually increase and Listen to the signs of your body. Also, it is fun to walk and do it with other people. Most of all Have fun with it and never lose track of your goal."


September 2014

Sylena Measles

Institution: UT Dallas
Email Address: Sylena.Measles@utdallas.edu

Sylena from UT San Antonio has currently (8/22/2014) lost 50 pounds and is still following the Paleo lifestyle as closely as she can.

Her advice: "Take one day at a time, keep pushing play, progress will be slow but progress is progress, remember that you have to work hard in order to see results, nothing comes for free, take a good look at what you're eating as well as the ingredients in it, try your best, it may hurt now but tomorrow you will feel better, modify exercises if you need to, never stop, push harder!"


Alan Shoho

Institution: UT San Antonio
Email Address: alan.shoho@utsa.edu

Alan from UT San Antonio goal is to feel healthier and lose a little weight.

His advice: "Stay disciplined to a routine in terms of exercise. Use portion control to limit how much you eat. When eating out, especially for lunches, go healthy with a salad. Stay away from fried food."



August 2014

Lisa & Bryan Smith

Institution: UT Pan American

Lisa & Bryan from UT Pan American made exercise a part of their routine to take a 15 minute walk every day after lunch. They have also incorporated a new workout regimen of jogging/walking and swimming for about an hour and a half 5 times a week.

Their advice: "Exercising as a couple is rewarding and allows for each of you to strengthen your relationship while you strengthen your body. Walking is a great way to start as it affords you time to talk, communicate, and share your day with each other. Though it may be difficult to get started, organization and planning is the key to success".


Miriam McKinney

Institution: UT System Administration

Miriam from UT System Administration has been working to get back into shape and back into a routine after having her second child.

Her advice: "The hardest thing is making time for yourself. It seems selfish but being fit and reducing stress through exercise makes me a better mom and employee".